Do you know about the facts of Acrylic Plastics ?

The most common variant of acrylic plastic is PMMA or poly methyl meth acrylate. In 1877, the process of manufacturing polymethyl methacrylate was established. In 1930s,the commercial production of polymethyl methacrylate began.  You have to know that it is made from acrylic acid. Let’s check out about the facts of Acrylic Plastics here.


Manufacturing Process

Making an acrylic plastic is not as a simple as you might think. It is very difficult. The manufacturer has to re-act methyl methacrylate with a catalyst to produce the polymer.The polymer will be used to create rods or sheet of plastic.


Characteristics of Acrylic Plastic

There are some characteristics of acrylic plastic that you have to concern. It is weather resistance. They are also resistance to detergents, acid and chemicals in the laboratory. But it gives you the optical clarity.


Usage of PMMA

There are many ways that the industries can use PMMA. It can be used to make acrylic plastic, furniture, sculpture, store display, and lighting fixtures.



Plexiglas is a kind of acrylic plastic. It is created by reacting acrylic or methacrylic with a catalyst called methyl methacrylate. Then it can produce Plexiglas or polymethyl methacrylate.


Optical Quality

Acrylic plastic has great optical quality. Therefore, it is used for display screen, aquarium windows and automobile lighting.


Acrylic Lacquers

Acrylic lacquers are created form the acrylic plastic. It can be used to make a protective coating for outdoor decks and furnishing. The textiles or paper with shining and glossy finish are combined with acrylic plastic.For more information talk to our professionals at Fabricon.