About us

Acrylic is the material of choice for thousands of products in many industries because of its high transparency and light weight. It is many times stronger than glass and also very safe to use. The characteristics like excellent weather resistant ability, easy for molding, splendid chemical resistance, an illustrious electrical insulation are the added advantages for using acrylic. Also it is a non conductor of heat and electricity. So it can easily machinable by sawing, shearing filing etc.


Fabricon provides innovative products, services and solutions for the acrylic fabrication Industry all over theUnited Arab Emirates. We design and provide various acrylic products, such as Acrylic Furniture, KioskShelves, Display Stands, and Show Racks for Jeweler Shops,Mobile Phone Shops, and Sweet Shops etc. Likewise, we also produce Price Stands, PhotoFrames, Calendar stand other related products for commercial and industrial purposes.


Founded by Industry experts, we strive to provide turnkey solutions to all your acrylic fabrication requirements.