How to Clean Your Acrylic Signage

Do you know how to clean acrylic signs correctly? It is the key to preserving its attractive appearance. Acrylic signs are the perfect substitution for traditional glass. They are generally used indoors but can be used outside as well. Regardless of where they might be posted they are generally affixed to rigid surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete or even drywall. Acrylic is appreciated for its sleek, shiny finish. These are ideal sign material for corporate clients due to its professional appeal. Acrylic logos are fairly easy to clean, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the best result.


Washing the Acrylic logo

Always use clean, lukewarm water and a clean, soft non linting cloth. You can also use pressure water if the sign is large and located out of reach. Never ever use any cleaners that contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals because they ruin the shiny finish of your acrylic sign. Also never ever use glass cleaners, kitchen grease cleaners, or vehicle waxes on your acrylic signs -they ruin the finish. A very mild soap can be used, but very sparingly and only when necessary.Your signage should not need to be cleaned often, but when it does, keep it simple and light.Use small circular motions with a fairly light touch. Regular cleaning will ensure that your sign and the printed portion of the sign remain clear and vibrant.  


Drying the Acrylic Sign

Dry the acrylic logo signs with a clean, dry soft cloth. Gently blotting the signs with the cloth is the safest way to ensure a beautiful result. In normal everyday usage your acrylic should not
scratch. But it can be perceptible to scratches. Never use any kind of abrasive pads or cloths,which cause dirt and particles to scratch your smooth surface. Also Never ever wipe your acrylic with a dry cloth, even if the cloth doesn’t seem to feel rough. You can simply allow the sign to air dry, for signs that cannot be easily reached.


Protecting Acrylic Signs

Wipe acrylic signs regularly with soap and water, using a non-abrasive cloth. Simply store them in a cool dry place at room temperature.  For increased longevity, install signs in locations that aren’t in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. They can be hung or attached directly to interior walls or outside on brick or concrete using screws with washers. To enhance the look,
use standoffs to add relief to the signs. Follow these instructions and your acrylic logo sign should becomes looks like clean and brilliant .For more information, talk to our experts at Fabricon international FZE.