What makes Acrylic Sheet the dream material of every Architect, Interior designer and Builder?

We have come a long way from the ancient times; Plastics have taken over from glass. Today people have realized that acrylic sheets have more uses in their daily life. We have a new generation of plastics i.e. Acrylic. Nowadays we use more Acrylic instead of glass. The arrival of Acrylic has done something in the fields of building and architecture that no-one has done before.Acrylic has a unique combination of properties which have facilitated its introduction in many applications typical of glass as compared to traditional building materials. Let’s see the Properties that allow the dream material of every Architect, Interior designer and Builder.


Properties of finishing and decoration

Acrylic sheet is available in transparent, translucent and opaque colors in a variety of textured surface finishes.Acrylic sheet can be readily turned, milled, drilled with tools normally used for soft metals and requires no special precautions. Acrylic parts/pieces can be joined by cementing, hot air/gas welding, ultrasonic assembly, spin welding, snap fitting or other simple methods. This makes Acrylic sheet more expedient and economical than glass in the building industry.


Properties of Chemical resistance

Acrylic is generally unaffected by most household detergents, cleaning agents and solutions of inorganic acids, alkalis and solutions of inorganic acids, alkalis and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Acrylic sheet should not come in contact with chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, esters and ketones.


Properties of Weather resistance

Sunlight, heat, low temperature and smog have no ill-effect on the color, light transmittance or physical properties of Acrylic fittings. Its outstanding weather resistance has made Acrylic the finest construction material for fittings which are exposed to the open. Acrylic has the ability to cut out harmful ultraviolet radiation from light passing through it.


Properties of Breakage resistance

Acrylic sheet has 10 to 17 time’s greater breakage resistance than glass of same thickness. Unlike glass, any breakage that might occur is confined locally without formation of sharp splinters. It is an ideal solution for window breakage problems in schools, institutions, commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Owing to its lower brittleness, Acrylic sheet can be used in thickness less than that of glass.


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